Official Statement about attacks on Xavier Beckles

Xavier Beckles, arrested in Guayana City, Bolivar State - Venezuela

We, the board members and staff from the Venezuela Asperger Foundation categorically repudiate the abuse by the apprehending authorities citizen Xavier Beckles which occurred on April 30, 2014 in the city of Guayana, Bolivar state motivated to events that occurred in that place on the occasion of the situation presented by the country since February 12th this year.

Our rejection of the attacks has been the young man Xavier Beckles obey the same has Asperger's Syndrome, duly diagnosed at 3 years 11 months old in a recognized institution in Guayana. In his capacity this young do not have the ability to defend or pay any statement within the appropriate parameters for this purpose because it is destabilized and frightened not knowing how to manage the situation it is in, thus placing a completely defenseless which is capable of being subjected to violence both physical and psychological, that cause such a state of distress that do not allow you to respond accordingly.

We strongly fight for this young man Xavier Beckles still not mistreated by the security forces and that we have a person with a special condition that leads to disability even called. Requested the support and solidarity in this case that involves us. A government authorities to treat the case with the specialty that deserves it, for it, we are the complete disposal to work with relevant related agencies to demonstrate and treat the condition of Xavier Beckles and in turn provide the necessary support as Foundation provided we are willing to give to any person with Asperger's Syndrome without any distinction of race, sex , religious belief or political tendency. Pursuing this that his legal defense is taken into account under these premises and will be granted full freedom.

Reiterating our rejection of violence, in this case a special person, we have each of you to spread this statement, since the assaults by this young man Xavier Beckles received can cause them serious harm to their psychological condition.

Venezuela Asperger Foundation